Aroma Therapy Rinses

Our Aqua Thermal Aroma Therapy Rinse is designed to ensure that your dog’s comfort is the top priority. The rinse takes place with, firstly, the mood being set. The lights dim out and candles are lit with special aromatic oils. Your dog is then pampered with an aqua-thermal rinse with our specialized shampoos.

The shampoo is slowly and gently kneaded in through a relaxing massage that takes place for about 8 minutes. After the rinse, your dog’s hair is blow-dried, its ears are cleaned and if needed, its nails are clipped, leaving your dog neat, relaxed and happy.

We then add the final touches: a Dog-aholics designer scarf and a right dash of dog-friendly fragrance. There is not the slightest doubt in the fact that our clients have always left us thoroughly rejuvenated and certainly relaxed.

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