A pet spa is the best way to pamper your favourite furry friend. We at Dog-aholics provide Aqua Thermal Aroma Therapy Rinse which keeps your dogs’ comfort a priority. The mood for the Aqua Thermal Aroma Therapy rinse is set with the lights dimming out and candles lit with aromatic oils. Your dog is then pampered with an aqua thermal rinse with our special shampoo. The shampoo is slowly kneaded in giving him/her a relaxing massage for approximately 7 - 10 minutes. Post the aqua thermal rinse, your dog’s hair is blow dried, ears are cleaned and if required his/her nails are clipped. Our clients leave us completely rejuvenated and relaxed only after we add our final touch of a Dog-aholics designer scarf and a dash of dog friendly perfume.

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At Dog-aholics, we offer the best of pet grooming services. Grooming ensures the pet's emotional and physical health. A dog must be well groomed to ensure that not only do they look good but they are hygienic...
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